Support the Art Center




Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts is very fortunate to have a large support base. The Kennedy-Douglass Volunteers are a non-profit organization that serve to provide support for the art center’s maintenance, programming, collection, festivals, and community outreach. There are many incentives to becoming a member of the KD Volunteers. Opportunities to organize, support, and serve on committees like the KD Gift Shop, Arts Alive, the Holly and Ivy luncheons, the Young Masters Art School, and special endowments are presented each year.


We always welcome donors who would like to contribute financially to our art center. We welcome monetary gifts (and in special circumstances gifts of art) in memoriam or honorarium. Donors may dictate avenues where they would like to see their contribution thrive; endowments, collections, program scholarships, or special exhibits.

To make a donation call 256-760-6379 for more information.

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