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Arts in Education Grant Application

Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts Arts in Education Grant Application

As part of its ongoing commitment to arts education, the Kennedy- Douglass Art Center announces that applications are now being accepted for grants for 2020 art projects. The program is designed to assist art teachers with special programs that require items not included in their existing budgets. This year we are also accepting applications for supplies or funding for activities that support programs at our local museums and the performance arts.

The program is open to both Lauderdale and Colbert County educators, and is intended for elementary and junior high students. Teachers are encouraged to apply for projects that include multi-disciplinary topics such as artist-in-residence with other organizations such as the Alabama Arts Council. In January 2019, grants were awarded to eleven schools for a variety of art projects.

All participating schools will be invited to display their artwork or photographs of their project at Arts Alive 2020.

To apply, teachers can fill in the attached form and return paper copies to the Kennedy-Douglass Art Center by December 6, or electronic copies to If needed, additional copies may be downloaded from the Kennedy-Douglass web page, Art Grants. Recipients of grants must provide receipts and a written and/or pictorial report to the Endowments committee. If you have questions, please contact Kennedy-Douglass at 256-760-6379.

KD Arts Education Form 2019. (Please Click Here for Form)

This grant is made possible by the Kennedy-Douglass Art Center Volunteers, a non-profit organization using proceeds from Arts Alive and other fundraising events.