The Shape of Joy – Exhibit opening on Sunday, August 16th

The Shape of Joy: new paintings from Dr. Hisham Ba’albaki will open on Sunday, August 16th.

“Life” 35″ x 42″ Acrylic paint and pastel on paper

Dr. Ba’albaki is a self-taught artist that began painting in recent years as a counterbalance to his professional work as a cardiologist. Dr. Ba’albaki’s work is abstract, dynamic, and expressive – he prefers acrylic paint because “it lends itself to experimentation, mixed media, layering, paint transfer and gel printing techniques to name a few.” Other features that characterize his work include heavy texturing and the use of forceful mark making on relativity large canvas or paper surfaces. His palette is typically bright and limited.

“Having spent my teens and twenties in Lebanon during its civil war, other than dabbling with photography, interest in art was never on the radar. Pursuit of higher education followed by an all-consuming career, placed my “right brain” in a hiatus for another thirty years. It wasn’t until my mid-fifties that I started appreciating art and working with wood and currently with paint…While my paintings are non-representational and intuitive, they do lend themselves to varied and personal interpretation, my main interest is an enjoyable creative process.”

We will host a reception on Sunday, August 16th from 1pm-3pm at the Kennedy-Douglass Art Center while observing safe distancing and limited visitors in each gallery.

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