Skin & Ink: The Art of Tattoo

Allegory Arts and Kennedy- Douglass Center for the Arts is pleased to present Skin and Ink: The Art of Tattoo from September 26-October 14. A gallery talk is scheduled for Thursday night, October 3 at 6PM. Artists Ulysses Blair, Daniel Evers, Eva Huber, Victor Thompson, and Cammeron Donnelley will display their original drawings and photographs of tattoos in the Kennedy-Douglass annex galleries. 

Tattoo by Victor Thompson

“Tattoo is one of the earliest forms of art for our species,” owner partner, Eva Huber, shares. “Now people are collecting works of art directly on their bodies, artworks that express exactly what they wish.” Each custom design and tattoo has a personal story and meaning to the client, which is where Allegory Tattoos gets its name. 

This prominent group of local tattoo artists are specifically known for their custom work and individual styles nation-wide. They create original designs tailored to each client; in fact, these artists do not copy other works. “We are here to build something just for you, so let the other fellow keep theirs!  This is our guarantee. What you are getting is just for you!” This is unique look at the personal art collections of Allegory clients in the medium of skin and ink. 

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