To Seal My Mouth with Dirt: Nathan Harper

Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts presents To Seal My Mouth with Dirt, an exhibition by Nathan Harper February 27 – April 03, 2019. The installation explores primitive and modern relationships with iconography and technology. These paintings meditate on pattern with foraged materials, some with overt text. Harper will give a gallery talk Sunday, March 3 at 1PM at the Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts. 

In my work, I explore post-internet imagery in relationship to prehistoric processes and materials.  Hand-foraged materials often command a kind of value reserved for images of the sacred such as European red ocher being for paintings of martyrs blood or Japanese indigo being for fabrics of spiritual importance.  I hower use dirt as the pigment for my paintings that explore the images of the internet age through the techniques of cave drawings.  The result is a certain kind of absurdity that I seek out and labor over like religious iconography.”

Nathan Harper is an artist and educator originally from Florence Alabama.  He received his BFA in Drawing and New Media from the University of Montevallo in 2017.  After graduation he began teaching visual art in Huntsville Alabama at New Century Technology high school. His work has been exhibited in galleries in Alabama and Ohio. He currently teaches on the topic of foraging artist materials from nature.



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