Light and Land: 3 Artists

Light and Land: 3 Artists Exhibition by Craig Goode, Tom Moye, and Nicholas Strong

Local artists Craige Goode, Tom Moye, and Nicholas Strong present Light and Land: 3 Artists at Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts this January 11 – February 15, 2019. A reception to meet the artists will be held Thursday, January 24 at 6PM in the WrightDouglass Annex Galleries. This concentration of light, color, and landscape in painting and photography is the result of years of work by these three artists. 

Three artists.pngCraig Goode works with watercolor and gauche in large scale. His natural color pallet lends itself to both representational and abstract forms. Goode studied at San Francisco Academy of Art and worked as dental technician for many years. A native of Florence, Goode moved back two years ago and began teaching watercolor to young students. “Paint, paint, paint. That’s what it about; practice and color. I consider myself a colorist,” Goode says.

Tom Moye, presently retired in Florence, Alabama, has lived in Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, and Malaysia, and has traveled to at least 35 countries all over the world.  He met his Korean wife, MyungHee, in Malaysia where they both led schools in the University of the Nations based in Kona, Hawaii.  He has recorded 103 original songs, some of which were played on the national TV station in Russia, and he is hoping to complete his 4th book in the near future.

“I’ve always wanted to paint like no one else ever has, to develop a new style of painting where colors jump off the canvas and even vibrate against one another,” Moye says.

Nicholas Strong currently lives and resides on his family farm since the year 2000.  Presently, Nicholas works at Publix Supermarket in Florence, Alabama.  Since purchasing his first camera in 2010, Nicholas has learned to capture many moments throughout the Shoals Area.  Nicholas has displayed his work in Arts Alive and was recipient of the Waterman Photograph Award in 2018. 

“I plan to pursue my love of photography by capturing the beauty of the Shoals Area and many other places throughout the coming years,” Strong says. 

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