Works by Jean Schulman

A collection of artworks by Jean Schulman is on display and for sale in the Wright-Douglass Annex of the Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts. The collection is available for sale through December 28. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the art center. Schulman is known for her clay batiks and unique natural color palette. Schulman was a pioneer for art education  in the Shoals at a time when art was not considered a priority in public schools. Schulman, now ninety-one years old, considers her work as an educator as one of her most important contributions to the art world. 

“My word does not fit into a single category, however through my research, I feel that I fit into the broader perspective of historical information and contemporary art. Now I am seeking to gather new knowledge, to break new ground and make information available to others,” Schulmann shares. 

Schulman’s eye for design is communicated across mediums of clay, watercolor, and collage. Her batiks are typically abstract renderings in southern clay. Her work is in the permanent collections of the Smithsonian Museum of History and Technology in Washington D.C. and over one hundred private collections around the globe. She has won extensive awards for her innovative approach to both education and design including the Alabama Governor’s Award in 1985.

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